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Kim Heil

Kim Heil

Wethersfield, CT


When I work with acrylic paints, I am reminded to be fluid. I challenge myself to get out of my “thinking” mind and move into the “feeling” of what my soul wants to create. I use anything but a paintbrush to get out of my own way. What I like best about what I create is the connection I feel within myself and then allowing whatever to emerge without judgment. Patterns and hidden images often reveal themselves without my purposefully painting them. I approach each canvas as a blank slate; I begin to drop into my body and begin to paint. I work from all sides of the canvas, always moving around until I find stillness within and know the piece is complete. I feel a sense of excitement and gratitude after painting.

I continue to challenge myself to be honest in my work, to look at the light and the shadows of the self and to honor where I am in life. I am currently in school to receive my Masters in Art Therapy. This is my passion. I hope that my art inspires you to have the freedom to be who you are truly meant to be, without fear or judgment. I believe everyone is a wonderfully unique being on their own journey to the self. I hope you enjoy the ride.


Turtle Medicine by Kim Heil


Whimsical Bird on a Branch by Kim Heil


Goddess of Compassion by Kim Heil


Rooster by Kim Heil


The Wisdom of An Owl by Kim Heil


Flights of Fancy by Kim Heil


One of my Friends by Kim Heil


Peony Twin by Kim Heil


Peony Unveiling by Kim Heil


Peony Full Bloom by Kim Heil


Peony Compassion by Kim Heil


Peony Love by Kim Heil


Body Mind and Spirit by Kim Heil


Duality by Kim Heil


Reclining Woman by Kim Heil